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It's not a temporary solution.

It's long term oral health.

Backed by science, driven by wellness, made for your patients’ biggest challenges.

SmartMouth is dedicated to helping prevent oral health challenges, not covering them up. That’s why our products are clinically developed, tested and proven to provide a better solution.

Help your patients do more than just face their challenges. Help them overcome them.

We’re dedicated to helping your patients overcome some of their biggest oral healthcare challenges. We know good oral hygiene can have a greater impact on a person’s life than just a brighter smile. It’s an important step towards a fuller sense of wellness, both mentally and physically.

We don’t mask halitosis. We eliminate it.

Halitosis is caused by bacteria which produces sulfur gas. While the most prominent aspect of halitosis is bad breath, it’s often connected to larger potential health risks. Most cases of halitosis are associated with poor oral hygiene. Our Everyday SmartBox features a special formula created to not only destroy sulfur gasses, but activate billions of zinc ions to prevent the bacteria from producing new sulfur gasses, all while promoting a healthier, cleaner mouth.

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When dry mouth needs a better solution.

While xerostomia (dry mouth) is something most people experience at some point in their lives, for others it's a more serious issue, or the result of other health challenges like cancer treatment. Dry mouth can cause a buildup of acids, leading to gum disease, cavities and thrush. Our Dry Mouth SmartBox is designed to provide relief from the discomfort of dry mouth with an activated oral rinse that doesn’t use alcohol which can exacerbate symptoms.

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We provide the tools for better oral health.

Oral health is linked to several chronic health issues, including periodontal disease. Gum disease is an infection that can cause blood sugar to rise, which can not only affect blood sugar levels, but also cause oral problems, such as dry mouth, cavities, inflamed gums and cold sores. More importantly, it has been linked to other more serious conditions, such as heart attack and stroke. Our Gingivitis SmartBox provides maximum gingivitis and bleeding gums protection while preventing bad breath all day. 

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Give your patients the confidence they deserve.

While we may have developed SmartMouth to eliminate halitosis and improve oral health, the reason we created it is for the people using it. We understand how important first impressions are, and how bad breath or oral health concerns can affect a person’s mental health and happiness. We want your patients to have the confidence to face the world with a smile, and it starts with the proper routine preventive care.

Help your patients face the world with confidence.

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