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Give your patients the tools for better oral health 

before they even leave the office.

Help your patients maintain the best possible oral care by sending them home with SmartMouth. Give them the tools to help maintain a healthier mouth and stay on track with a program that works. Signing up your patients for our SmartBox Oral Health System is easy. At the end of their appointment, you can help your patient visit the subscription page to choose the right formula, and then just enter your referral ID and their credit card number and they’re all set. If they’d rather subscribe themselves, send them home with a referral card that has your SmartBox recommendation, web address, QR code and dental professional referral number.

Give your patients confidence and help give kids a smile.

Signing up your patients for the SmartBox Oral Health System not only enhances their oral health routine, but also helps a great cause. We’ll make a donation to the Give Kids a Smile charity for every patient that subscribes. Every year the Give Kids a Smile charity provides free oral health education, screenings, and preventive and restorative treatments to over 300,000 children.

And make sure to take advantage of our Automated Appointment Reminders & Follow-Ups - You can give your patients a link with your referral code for automated follow-ups via text or email.

Join our SmartMouth Dental Professionals Partner Program today and give your patients an advantage.

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